Things to Discuss During the First Meeting of a Construction Project

Things to Discuss During the First Meeting of a Construction Project

Without proper planning, your construction project will be stressful and frustrating. In fact, it can be your worst nightmare. However, you don’t have to let it turn out this way. Communicating with the involved stakeholders clearly and continuously will eliminate hiccups and headaches that may characterize your construction project. Here are things that you should review and discuss with the involved stakeholders during the first meeting:


Discuss when the project should start and end. Also agree on when the construction job will start and end every day. You will eliminate unpleasant surprises when you agree on the time when workers will come to and leave the job site. This schedule or routine should not be overlapped by your construction team.

Project access

Discuss how the construction crew will access your work site. This includes when and how they will come to your property. That way, you will avoid wasting each other’s time as you wait for the workers or as they wait for you. Also discuss whether the workers will access the site from the back, front, or side door. That way, you will keep the job site safe and the project on your schedule.

Toilet and utilities

Determine the toilets that workers will use while on the job site. If necessary, rent portable toilets for the workers. Also agree on when to turn utilities on and off. If you intend to resent important electronics like the alarm system or the fish tank, let your construction crew know about it.

Payments and billing

Cash flow is generally important in every construction project. Therefore, agree on a payment and billing schedule up front.

Continuous communication

Ensure that every member of the construction team knows who to talk to. This can be a foreman, a lead carpenter, or a sales person. Make sure that there is a person that is in charge of communication. This will make the project easier to coordinate and complete.

These are some of the most important things to discuss during the first meeting of a construction project. Review them carefully and your project will run smoothly and efficiently.

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